Access committee volunteer

Welcome to the Clearwater Festival Access committee homepage! Here you will find general information about access at the festival and specific information about becoming an Access committee volunteer.

Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival (aka the “Clearwater Festival” or “Revival”) has an over 30 year history of providing and ensuring equal access for all. We are proud of our accomplishments and dedication to accessibility and look forward to seeing you at the next Clearwater Festival!

Services available at the Clearwater Festival for people with disabilities:

* Wheelchairs to borrow, free of charge, at the festival site.

* Volunteers to assist you in getting around the festival site and with other needs that may arise.

* Designated Access area at or near the front of each performance stage.

* Small refrigerator on-site for medications or other items that need refrigeration (at the First Aid tent, across from the Access hospitality tent).

* ASL interpreters for every performance on the Hudson and Rainbow Stages, in Story Grove, on the Family Stage and for various other performances.

* An Access Hospitality tent with information, resources, and refreshments for all festival goers.

* Braille and large print programs and maps.

* Ample accessible parking near the festival entrance.

* Buses with lifts available at the train station for those taking the train from home or parking in the overflow lot.  

* Plenty of locations to plug in and charge your power chair or scooter.

As you enjoy the festival, you will notice Access areas in front of or near the front of all stages. These areas are reserved for people with disabilites, their families and others who need assistance. We also have many volunteers at these areas and around the site to offer assistance to anyone who requests it. We follow the spirit of the ADA and assume that everyone is independent and will ask for whatever help is necessary. There are also golf carts available for rides to all areas of the site. Simply ask any Festival Volunteer or Access Volunteer and they will notify us of your need.

We have won awards for our accessibility and are committed to continuing our promise. Stop by our Access Hospitality Tent(across from the main festival entrance) for some quiet time, camaraderie, snacks or information. For more information or to ask specific questions, please contact:

ASL Interpreters also provide access by interpreting for performers on all stages – music and storytelling. Clearwater, sloop, dance, and activist areas are interpreted upon request. Requests can be made at the ASL Booth near the main festival entrance.

Click Here for audio descriptions of the site and stages.

We look forward to seeing you!