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Please Read Carefully

  • Former peacekeepers are highly valued for their experience and encouraged to return. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to volunteer!
  • Peacekeepers, work directly with their 2 Team Leaders, who assign the specific tasks and coordinate activities during their particular shift.
  • Peacekeepers are provided a radio during their shift so we can work effectively throughout the festival site.
  • The peacekeeping headquarters (PK Base) is centrally located on the festival grounds under the pavilion. Peacekeepers can use the base to stash their personal belongings and have a snack or relax in the shade any time during the festival.

Team Assignments will be made on the basis of the needs of the committee and
the preferences of the volunteer, in the order they are received by the Shift Assigner.
Committee: Peacekeeping
Total Number of Volunteers on Committee: 180
Shift Assigner: Aiko Pletch,
Co-coordinator: Vince Ferri,

Schedule of shifts (if available):
Team 1: Friday7:30AM – 4:45PM
Team 2: Friday 4:00PM – 8:00PM & Sat. Noon – 5:00PM (9hr shift)
Team 3: Saturday 7:45AM -12:30PM & Sun. 7:30AM -Noon (9.25hr shift)
Team 4: Friday 7:30PM -Midnight & Sun. 11:15AM – 3:45PM (9.5hr shift)
Team 5: Sat. 4:00PM – 8:00PM & Sun. 3:00PM – 8:00PM (9hr shift)
Team 6: Sat 7:00PM -Midnight & Sun 7:00PM – 11:00PM (9hr shift)
Team 7: Friday 11:30PM – 4:00AM & Saturday 11:30PM – 4:00AM (9hr shift)
Team 8: Saturday 3:45AM -8:15AM & Sun. 3:45AM -8:00AM (9hr shift)
Team 9: Sat. Noon – 5:00PM w/ team 2; Sun. 11:15AM – 3:45PM w/ team 4 (9.5hr shift)


  • Can the shifts be chosen from different teams?
    No, please choose up to three teams by their numeric designation (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.) that work for you.
  • Can families or friends work together?
    Volunteers can be assigned to the same shift, but it is likely that the volunteers will be assigned to different tasks by the Team Leader.
  • Can children (ages 5-12) accompany a PK volunteer?
    No. The undivided attention of Peacekeepers is necessary. Children may NOT accompany a Peacekeeper while they are on duty.
  • Can teens (ages 13-17) work on this committee with their parent or guardian?
  • What will be required physically?
    Lots of walking, standing or sitting depending on the post and/or the situation. Standing in the sun or rain for long periods may be required. Please come prepared!
  • How should I prepare to be a Peacekeeper?
    Bring sun hat, rain gear, sturdy water-proof boots, water bottle, HD sun screen, insect repellant, and for those working night shifts, a good high intensity long life headlight or flashlight. Conditions at the Festival site can get very muddy with a prolonged rainfall, so it is best to have the sturdy water-proof boots, and good quality rain gear.