Mel & Vinnie

Mel and Vinnie are perennial favorites at the Circle of Song at the Great Hudson River Revival every June but more importantly they have been in demand at art galleries, benefits, clubs, coffeehouses, demonstrations, farmers markets, house concerts and festivals from New York’s Catskill Mountains to the Florida Keys, They present a marvelous mixture of music that includes Americana, blues, folk and songs of social justice. They have played with Pete Seeger, David Amram, Alan Anapu, Guy Davis, The Hudson River Sloop Singers and The Rivertown Kids. They have several CDs to their credit as well as being fettered on, “Broad Old River 2” by the Hudson River Sloop Singers. If you are looking fine music, Mel And Vinnie are the folk you want to hear!… Rick Nestler… Coordinator, Circle of Song, GreatHudson River Revival, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.