Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights Only

Please visit the ticketing page for Audience Festival Camping ticket prices.


Hello Happy Campers!

Those of you who have camped with us before know how much fun we have after the festival is over each night. For those of you who will be joining our merry event for the first time, please allow us to give you a tiny peek into what we do.

Kids get to go on a scavenger hunt through the campsite, searching for things like “something orange” or “a shiny rock”.

They get to exchange the wooden “needles” they found in the haystack for cool prizes.

Young performers are encouraged to prepare a song or magic trick, a poem or a joke to perform in the pavilion.

Then, everyone gets to enjoy s’mores and all of that is before we get to the best part. We have a very talented group of musicians and vocalists who invite everyone to bring their favorite instrument or their “I only sing in the shower” voice and join in for an all-inclusive sing-along that lasts well into the night. (Not to worry, we also have a quieter section for people who actually believe in sleeping.) Up all night or quiet as a…, well quieter, anyway.

You only live once! Come enjoy the full festival experience and make memories that will last a lifetime!

We have a few simple guidelines to insure that everyone has a great time.


Please see the other guidelines below:

Check-in time is Friday between 3pm and 8pm or Saturday morning between 8am and noon.Please note that the Audience Camping access road will be closed between 8pm Friday and 8am Saturday. Audience Camping Staff will be on hand to check in later Saturday afternoon arrivals. Campers must be out of camping area by 10am on Monday.

The check-in location is at the top of the hill, after a hairpin turn at the intersection where the park office and entrance booth reside. Look for a pop-up tent with check-in staff. Please bring your cell phone confirmation or print-at-home ticketto the Audience Camping Check-in, located at the top of the hill, to exchange for wristbands and a free parking pass.

The parking pass must be filled out clearly with your name and cell number and placed on your windshield. This is so that we can contact you should your car need to be moved. If we cannot read it, or you do not answer your phone and your car needs to be moved, it will be towed to the train station parking lot. Please cooperate, so that we can all have a great time.

After checking in, you will be able to unload at an entrance near your campsite to unload your camping supplies. After unloading, please park your car in designated parking area. At no time may cars be on the grass.

The camping area is in an elevated area within the grounds of Croton Point Park. The camping area is approximately a 10 minute walk from the main festival gate. Transportation assistance is available if needed.Also, if you are arriving by bus or train with your gear, transportation to the campsite is available at no cost. Just another way of making you feel welcome!

Festival ticket policy is Children Ages 11 and under are free with a paid adult on the festival grounds and in the AUDIENCE CAMPING area. Everyone including children ages 11 and under must wear a wristband at all times.

If you are a camper with a pop-up trailer this requires purchasing an RV pass. Please see below for details about RV parking reservations. Pop-up trailers and RV’s are not allowed to park/camp in the Audience Camping area or parking lot.  

AUDIENCE CAMPING is a TENT camping area only.

There are bathrooms and potable running water at the location.

There are showers in AUDIENCE CAMPING.

Hair dryers and curling irons are NOT allowed. We have a limited amount of electricity available to charge a phone, but we know from experience that a hair dryer will blow the circuit every time, resulting in having zero electricity for the remainder of our camping experience.

No open fires are permitted in the AUDIENCE CAMPING area. Camp stoves are permitted.

NO PETS ALLOWED. Only working service dogs are allowed on festival grounds or in Audience Camping.

Let’s all get together in the spirit of Pete and Toshi and have a terrific time!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding audience camping, please WRITE “CLEARWATER” in the subject line, and email us at Deb & Debbie



Also, for camping off-site, limited tent camping and rustic cabins are available at the following locations:

Lake Welch, Harriman Beaver Pond and Lake Sebago
20 miles northwest of Croton Point Park – 800-456-2267 – Reserve America

Clarence Fahnstock State Park
9 miles east of Cold Spring on Route 301, 800-456-2267 – Reserve America


The Clearwater Festival offers camping for RV’s and pop-up trailers in the RV CAMPGROUND.  

  • RV Parking/Camping is available on a first come, first serve basis and is the only location on-site you may park your RV or pop-up trailer/camper.
  • The RV campground is in a separate location from the Audience Camping area.
  • Most RV sites include water and electric hookups.
  • Festival RV reservations are a flat-rate, weekend package and include Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. Reservations are not available for one or two nights only.
  • If you bring your RV to the festival without a reservation your vehicle will be turned away.
  • You must purchase weekend festival tickets (not Audience Camping) before making your RV reservation.
  • RV reservations sell out quickly every year, make your reservations soon!
  • For more info. about the RV campground including reservations, pricing and availability, please call 845-265-8080 x7112.



For listings local to Croton Point Park click or call:
Westchester Office of Tourism 800-833-9282