engaging exhibit and vendor areas

The Clearwater Festival presents unique and engaging exhibit and vendor areas with themes that resonate with the mission of Clearwater. Here is a snapshot of what you will find:

Activist Area This important element of the Clearwater Festival gives exhibiting groups the opportunity to explain to thepublic how their efforts heal and transform the world into a better place. Over 50 groups (non-profits, activist organizations, and community groups) bring a broad range of grassroots issues—globalization, social justice, environmental concerns, human rights, universal health care, homelessness, racism, homophobia, poverty, animal rights, world peace, loss of civil liberties, prison reform, disability rights, hunger, freedom of speech, and reproductive rights—to main stream audiences in a comfortable accessible way.

Artisanal Food & Farm Market Featuring local farmers and small-scale food processors based in the Hudson Valley and the surrounding regions, from the Adirondacks to sea. The Artisanal Food & Farm Market (AFFM) supports vendors who sell products grown and processed with a consciousness of ecology, sustainability, fair labor and food justice.

Clearwater’s Environmental Action Tent
Presenting information, displays, and calls to action from the front lines of Clearwater’s Environmental Action team. This is the place to get status reports on PCB’s in the Hudson River, Indian Point relicensing, hydrofracking, and a host of other issues facing the Hudson Valley, New York State and the world at large. To learn more about Clearwater’s Environmental Action program, click here.

Clearwater’s Green Cities Initiative Visit the Green Cities Tent and see how you can get involved to improve the environmental health and economic vitality of river cities in the Hudson River Valley corridor. Green Cities projects and programs bring together community stakeholders and municipalities to address watershed protection, storm water management, waterfront revitalization, pollution, environmental and climate justice, and green job creation. Incorporating principles of sustainability into all aspects of municipal planning and community development, the initiative seeks to educate and empower stakeholders to take on pressing environmental issues facing the community. The end goal is a healthier, greener, and more equitable Hudson Valley. To learn more about Clearwater’s Green Cities Initiative, click here.

Food Court Clearwater Festival food court vendors bring a variety of natural, international, vegetarian, vegan, comfort and festival foods, freshly prepared on site and served all weekend.

Green Living Expo Learn how to enjoy a luscious garden without using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, how to create backyard habitat that supports wildlife, how to invest your money wisely, how to insulate your home using recycled, fire-retardant newspaper fibers, how to utilize the 50-degree temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home, and how photovoltaic solar cells can cause your electric meter to spin backwards letting you to sell as much energy to the grid as you buy!

Juried Handcrafters’ Village Presenting over 40 artists from across the country, here you can directly see the makers of your favorite crafts, ask them questions and learn about their processes, techniques and inspirations. The Clearwater Festival encourages the use of re-used, recycled, pesticide-free and sustainably harvested materials whenever possible. This area also offers hands-on crafts experiences and demonstrations.

The Marketplace contains fair-trade crafts and other products that are not made by the vendor, but must still be made without the use of sweat-shops or environmentally hazardous materials or conditions.

Sloop Clubs Tent Sloop Clubs support knowledge and love of the river through concerts, festivals, lectures, publications, potluck dinners, picnics, and sailing programs. As affiliates of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Inc. (aka Clearwater), they are dedicated to carrying out the organization’s purpose in their own locations throughout the Hudson River watershed. Visit the Sloop Club Tent at the Clearwater Festival and find how you can get involved with your local Sloop Club.