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Dear Clearwater Festival Attendees and Volunteers,Crowd_shot_credit_Econosmith_cropped_resized

To improve the experience for all Clearwater Festival-goers, we have a new seating policy. Please review these details before you leave for the festival this year:

  • Low back chairs only in front of the soundboard (Rainbow & Hudson).
  • Hi-back chairs allowed behind the soundboard (Rainbow & Hudson).
  • Pop-ups and other shade devices that would block the view of others are only allowed in the Upper Field (above the road) at the Rainbow Stage.
  • All pop-up tents, chairs, etc., must be broken down and removed from all audience areas at the end of the show each day.O
  • No advance set-up of chairs, pop-up or other shade devices; set-up begins at 9 each day.
  • Unoccupied blankets and seats may be respectfully used by others until owner’s return.
  • Maximum allowable size blanket or tarp: 9’x12′.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and enjoy the festival!