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NOTE: The number of hours indicated is the total commitment required. As a rule, this is divided into 2 or more shifts. Shift schedules are made by each individual coordinator. Ask your coordinator for particular shift arrangements.

*It is essential that our volunteers fulfill their weekend commitment.  With the exception of unforeseen emergencies, if you do not fulfill your 2018 volunteer commitment, we won’t be able to accommodate you in the future.


Access: 10-12 hrs/13+ years – Assist people with disabilities in a variety of situations. Read signs, maintain access lanes to various stages and areas in front of those stages. Must be able to work both festival days through Sunday evening. No Friday work. Advantages: most of the work takes place at the performance stages! Disadvantages: you have to be attentive and working at the stage, not just watching the performers.

Requirements: ability to push people in wheelchairs over rough terrain, sense of humor, ability to work extensively and sensitively with the public, commitment to teamwork, attention to detail, common sense. Creative problem solving a plus.

Before & After (this means BEFORE AND AFTER THE FESTIVAL, NOT ONE OR THE OTHER): 16+ hrs/15+ years
Fast-paced, physically demanding set up and take down banners, poles and displays, snow fence, deliver and collect tables and chairs, assista as needed with signs. Any other work as requested; work closely with Site Crew. Rain or shine.
Requirements: physically fit. All day Friday starting at 8am and Monday 8am to 5pmThere may be some work Saturday morning plus on-call availability. Pick-up truck a plus! Friday and Monday meals with Site Crew.

Box Office (Ticket Sales): 10 hrs/18+ years – Sell & process ticket sales in Box Office.
Requirements: alert, reliable, honest, cordial (first contact with audience). Coordinator reserves the right of approval on all volunteers.

Clearwater Store: 10 hours/18+years (16+ with committee coordinators’ approval) 
MUST BE ABLE TO WORK BOTH FESTIVAL DAYS TILL 9PM. Volunteers will set up and oversee both Clearwater and Performer Merchandise tables. Volunteers will assist customers and ring up purchases.  They will also assist with the check in/out of performer merchandise.  We do have a very limited volunteer shift on Friday night to help with setup.  You can either be a runner or a CSV (ringer).  Retail experience and knowledge of Clearwater is helpful.  CSV (ringers) will be selected prior to the festival.  If you are interested in being a ringer, please make a note on your application.

Drinking Water: Two three-hour shifts each day/16+ years – Selling water.

Requirements: awareness of hygienic food handling, confident in simple math, reliable in handling money.

Electrical Crew:  Minimum of 18 hrs before and after festival days/18+ years -This committee brings the electrical power to the festival. The committee’s job is to lay down the cables from the access points to the places where it is needed, install any necessary distribution boxes, and to provide lighting to designated area and stages. After the festival we also pick up cables, boxes and lighting, clean them off, and pack them away until next year.Requires: some heavy lifting, lots of walking, lots of hand work, basic electrical knowledge, some working on heights and overhead.

MUST be available to work at least 2 full days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before festival, and Monday after festival; selected experienced crew will be available on-call during festival.

MUST be approved by coordinators. Email Volunteer Coordinator (volcoord@clearwater.org)

Environmental Action/Green Cities: 10 hrs/16+ years – Build displays before, staff area during festival. Training provided for effective outreach on watershed protection, energy efficiency & renewables, closing Indian Point & other related environmental issues.  

First Aid: Standby needed for times when Westchester Hospital contractors are not on site: Friday 9pm – Saturday 9am, Saturday 9pm – Sunday 9am.  Must sign up to volunteer with another committee during Festival hours, but need to be on call for first aid emergencies either Friday or Saturday night. EMT or higher level of training required. A conversation with the first aid committee coordinator is required prior to acceptance in this committee.

(Fred Mayer – 848-469-9050)

Requires: Current EMT certification or RN license, cell phone.

Member Action10 hrs/18+ years – Sign up new & renewing members, provide hospitality & information, sign up folks for sails and encourage people to enter the fundraising raffle.

Requirements: Familiarity with Clearwater programs, able to handle cash and credit cards, able to use computer, willingness to shift between various assignments as circumstances arise, friendly/outgoing personality, good organizational skills, team oriented, reliable re: shift commitments. 

Overnight Stage Security: 16 hrs/ 18+ yearsPaired volunteers will stay at assigned stages from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am Friday and Saturday nights to ensure stage equipment is secure. Each morning you will pack up your sleeping bags and tents and these can be stored at the stages.  There is no Sunday work and volunteers will not be required to volunteer during the day so will be free to enjoy the festival.

Peacekeeping: 9-10 hrs depending on Team/18+ years children cannot accompany their parents. Tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to: traffic & parking management, information dissemination to audience members and other volunteers, safety and emergency assistance and coordination, festival security. Shifts occur from Friday morning through Sunday evening.
Please contact Aiko for shift assignments as soon as you’ve sent in your festival volunteer application: aikompk@gmail.com

Requirements: a mature, calm, thoughtful and responsible individual.  Peacekeepers experience extensive walking and exposure to the elements throughout their shifts and those volunteering for peacekeeping must be physically fit.  Additionally, Peacekeepers have a serious role during the festival that may involve the safety and welfare of both patrons of the festival and other volunteers.

Peacekeepers must follow instructions relative to their assignments;

  • Peacekeepers may not leave their posts for any reason without calling in and waiting for a replacement.
  • Peacekeepers may not use alcohol or any other form of recreational drug while on duty. 
  • Peacekeepers must be assertive while being welcoming and considerate of the needs of our patrons. 

We are charged with being the face of Clearwater while dealing with the public; except in the most extreme situations, any interaction with our constituency should leave them feeling positive and feeling that we made every effort to solve their problem or give appropriate assistance.

Performer Transportation: 10hrs/20+ years – Transport people & equipment on-site & off, to airports & housing.
Requirements: experienced, licensed driver; use own insured vehicle.
Preferred: large vehicles and those that are available Friday before and Monday after the festival.

Production/Stage Crew:10 hrs/16+ years old – Assist stage managers and production staff during the festival with performer and stage management logistics, moving performer equipment on and off the stages, and helping unload and load tour trucks and buses. 

Requirements: physical labor (with some positions requiring heavy lifting), attention to detail, good humor and stamina!
Contact Assistant Production Manager, Rick Brodsky at rdbrodsky@gmail.com or call (203) 297-4558 before you apply so we can help place folks in the most appropriate positions.  

Reception: 12-14 hours {5-6 hrs Friday (mandatory), 4 hrs Saturday, 2-3 hrs Sunday}/18+ years: Greet & check-in arriving volunteers, vendors and activists.
Requirements: people skills & patience, computer experience necessary, ability to learn the system quickly, and stamina. Volunteers under 18 must have supervision and be approved by the coordinator.

Signpainting: 12 hrs/16+ years – Set up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; paint signs in large, pleasant on-site workspace – help clean up and distribute signs around the site, assist with installation as needed, and breakdown on Monday.

Requirements: skill with brush lettering & layout, and/or skill with tools for installation.  Please contact coordinator, Lee Bartell if you are interested in volunteering on this committee at leebartellnyc@gmail.com, or ring 212-645-0002.

Site Crew:  32 hours minimum. 18 + years unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Help unload, build and assemble, maintain and then pack away stages, booths, the dance floor, fencing, etc. Familiarity with tools (and bringing your own, if you’re willing) is helpful, but not required. There’s a wide range of tasks (from heavy lifting to skilled carpentry, painting to fine handiwork, sweeping to shopping)- and we will train. Work begins two weeks before the festival and continues three to four days after. Camp in your own tent, stay in a shared cabin (space is limited), or commute if you prefer. An all-weather experience- rain gear and sturdy shoes are a must. Hard work, good food, great fellowship and community!

Stage Sound Loading Crew: 10 hrs/15+ years – Assist sound company with load-in and load-out of sound equipment.

Requirements: Physical labor with heavy lifting.  Must be on site and available Friday by 12 noon (possibly prior) and Sunday 7pm to Midnight.

Ticket Taking: 10 hrs/14+ years – Welcome audience, tear and scan tickets, attach wristbands, hand out program books. Help to maintain gate security.

Volunteer Food (Kitchen Crew): 10 hrs/16+ years – Full service on-premise catering in a busy commercial kitchen right on site. We will be busy all weekend feeding the volunteers, staff, and performers. What are your skills?  Are you Back of House? Front of House? Do you live to give great customer service? Master coffee brewer?  If you think you’ve got what it takes, then this is the spot for you! Please provide a list of past related experiences in the comment area of the online application. Further communication with coordinator through emails.

Working Waterfront: 8-10 hrs/18+ years – There are two teams needed for this committee.  

The “Beach Crewassists in handling boats at the beach and on-shore exhibits of the participating groups.  The Beach Crew also has responsibilities for overall safety and visitor assistance.

A strong background in small, wind/manual, powered boat operation and safety is required.  Emergency medical care skills would be an added qualification, as would be knowledge of marine radio operation.  Put “Working Waterfront” in your volunteer selection space and specify “Beach Crew” in the comment area. Please contact Cortney Schwam prior to submitting your application: Cortney@clearwater.org.

The “Waterfront Safetyteam provides waterfront safety in cooperation with members of the Beach Crew.  Put “Working Waterfront” in the volunteer selection space, and specify “Waterfront Safety” in the comment area. Please contact Cortney Schwam prior to submitting your application: Cortney@clearwater.org.

Zero Waste: 10 hrs/12+ years, families with children welcome – As a part of the effort to move closer to the Festival’s ideal of Zero Waste, this committee will have four roles for the Festival:

  1. Staff Zero Waste stations – answer questions and help attendees sort their materials so the right stuff goes in the right bins and call for pickups when bins / bags full.
  2. Litter picking – collect items from the festival grounds, help to keep festival site clean. This practice is the roots of our team as established by Toshi Seeger.
  3. Floaters – provide assistance where needed
  4. Vendor Support – assist the food vendors in their efforts to follow Clearwater’s ZW practices.

All ZW team members are also Ambassadors for Zero Waste in providing public outreach and education to help Festival attendees understand our practices and goals with the intention of increasing Zero Waste behavior beyond the Festival.