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Clearwater Festival Volunteers of all ages have one thing in common—a strong love for people and the environment. Volunteers not only contribute to an important cause, they also enjoy two days of great music and entertainment. They meet many exceptional people like themselves, and enjoy memories that last a lifetime.

Jill Greenbaum
Airmont, NY
For Jill, volunteering is a family affair. She has been volunteering at the Clearwater Festival with her husband and daughter for six years. Her husband is the co-coordinator for the Access Committee and her daughter volunteers for the Environmental Action Committee. Jill describes volunteering at the Festival as a wonderful experience for her family. “I love the beauty of the river at sunset, the great variety of people who attend the festival, and the general feeling of excitement among all who attend about being part of such a wonderful event. Walking the grounds, visiting the activists’ tables, listening to the music—it just feels like home to me.”

Gail David
Bayside, NY
A retired NYC public school teacher, Gail has been working at the Festival for 16 years. Currently, she is coordinator for both pre-Festival and onsite Festival food vending. She has taken her students on the Clearwater sloop numerous times throughout her career, her first sail being in 1978. Gail feels that volunteering at the Festival is one of the best things she can do to help inspire and educate the next generation about the environment. “Clearwater means hope for a better future and world… The music and camaraderie create warm and fond memories that stay with me forever. I love seeing adults that started as youngsters still volunteering.”

Beth Partridge
Poughkeepsie, NY
Volunteering at the Festival is an integral part of Beth’s life. She will be returning as a Clearwater Festival volunteer for her 23rd year this June. She began her volunteer experience as a litter cleaner, and now she is the co-coordinator of the Clearwater Store Committee, setting up and selling Clearwater and performer merchandise. She describes Clearwater as a strong family, with volunteers working hard with each other—even in 2003 when “the mud was almost ankle deep.” Beth follows in Pete Seeger’s footsteps, in loving the music aspect of the Festival. One of her fondest memories occurs year after year, when the festival closes to the public. “Down on the Festival site or up in Volunteer Camping, there is music,” she says. She feels honored to be a part of the Festival.

Do you have a favorite Clearwater moment as a volunteer? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a brief paragraph describing why you enjoy volunteering for the Clearwater Festival to be considered for this page. You can send by email to: volcoord@clearwater.org