Josh White Jr

JOSH WHITE, JR., one of America’s most charismatic, spiritually charged and socially committed artists, is celebrating his 75th year as a show business professional.   He has carried his message of `positivity,’ spirituality, love, peace and social commitment around the world, performing for presidents, kings and queens, the Pope, for the poorest of poor in their earthen homes and for children everywhere.  In the 1940s, as a child star born into a celebrated family, he performed for Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt (his Godmother) and for the armed forces, shared the stage with Kate Smith, Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger, Frank Sinatra, Ethel Walters, Woody Guthrie, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Dorothy Gish, Duke Ellington and Lead Belly, while also winning a TONY Award on Broadway.  His mother was a gospel singer, and his father, Josh White (Sr.), with whom he began performing at the age of three in 1944, introduced the world to the Negro songbook of folk, blues and spirituals, starred in film and on Broadway. [His father, Josh White, was the first black man to break the racial color barriers in performing venues, the first with a million selling record (“One Meatball”), the first to give a White House Command Performance (while, during five White House Command Performances, becoming the closest black confidant of President Franklin Roosevelt), the first solo folk and blues artist to make a national concert hall tour of America, and the first to tour overseas].