Matt Cartsonis

Matt Cartsonis spent his formative years on the Arizona honkytonk highway and has a particular affection for American traditional music and the instruments with which that sort of music is traditionally made. He managed to acquire a Vassar degree in biopsychology despite spending much of his college time in folk music bootcamp with the Hudson River Sloop Singers. Since then, Matt has toured most famously with the likes of Warren Zevon, Steve Martin and Glen Campbell, and has been on and off the road with John McEuen for the better part of twenty years. Along with the previously mentioned, he’s most enjoyed bragging about recording and working with Jennifer Warnes, Ringo Starr, Joanna Newsom, Beck and Nirvana. When off the road, He writes music for movies and television as well (currently composing for ABC’s “Call Your Mother”), and is a Sundance Composers Lab Fellow.

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